When planning a summer escape, the first thing that crosses someone’s mind is what kind of beaches there are at your planned destination. While most places have pretty limited choices, this is not the case for Italy, a country standing out yet not so well known for the stunning diversity of its beaches that offer a glorious escape for every summer fanatic. If you decide to spend your holidays in Italy, you’re going to be able to choose between pebble beaches, sand beaches, beaches found in national parks, hidden gems and many more.

Today we will outline some of these beaches that have especially appealed to us during many years of travel experience in Italy. However, note that the country is blessed with hundreds of beautiful and notable beaches, so this article is only the beginning of a series which we intend to revisit periodically. Have fun cooling down at these amazing places!


The Venice Lido

The Venice Lido

There are numerous reasons why a majority of Europe’s travel enthusiasts visit Venice every year. The stunning beauty of the city lies in its bridges, hidden alleys, canals and its extraordinary architectural works but also the immense number of beaches in proximity of the city’s famous lagoon. If you are visiting the city of Venice and nice shade by the sea is your thing, then Bibione is the ideal beach location for you. Beside the dense maritime pine forest, Bibione is a real “Treasure island” in terms of nature. It’s just an hour away from Venice and it’s a very comfortable base for day trips to the nearby cities famous for art, like Pordenone and Asolo. The most attractive corner of Bibione is a large nature park called Valgrande where pink flamingos can be spotted as you hike along the trails.


The Levanto Riviera in Liguria

The Levanto Riviera in Liguria

There is no better way to feel the summer than having a fresh drink in one of the many small cafés along the cozy sandy beach at Levanto. Between Monterosso and Bonassola, surrounded by wonderful Mediterranean vegetation, is the location of one of the most famous Italian seaside resorts.

Monterosso al Mare - Cinque Terre

For travelers who like to visit more than one place during their holidays, Levanto Riviera comes as a good base for exploring Cinque Terre which is close by. So if you are planning to visit Liguria, it’s also a must to see the cities like Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, which are all located are just a short transfer away from city of Levanto.


Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany

Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany

Between the immense blue sea and endless green hills lies one of Tuscany’s best-kept secrets – a seaside resort called Castiglione della Pescaia. The untouched nature and the absolutely pristine sea form a perfect habitat for a rich bird community surrounded by diverse flora. Besides enjoying the benefits of nature and long beaches of fine, white sand that stretches to the edge of the pine forest at one of the best Mediterranean bathing establishments located at Punta Ala, a few spots very worth the visit and getting to know their history are the Etruscan city of Vetulonia, the town of Tirli famous for its cuisine, medieval castle and the famous view over the Maremma coast from the town of Buriano.

Cala Violina Tuscany

We suggest spending a beach day at one of the most beautiful beaches in Maremma on Cala Violina in the middle of the untouched nature and crystal-clear sea. Cala Violina actually owes its name to the sound that the sand makes when it is stepped upon. Just imagine find yourself on the special place like that! :)
To reach it from Castiglione you need transport so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sperlonga and its mysterious surroundings

Sperlonga and its mysterious surroundings

Sperlonga is a picturesque small town on the south of Rome, no more than two hours away from Fiumicino Airport and represents a perfect beach getaway from Rome. Once you arrive to Sperlonga, white-painted houses, romantic streets and stairways that lead to marvelous terraces above the sea makes you feel like you’ve arrived at a long-lost Greek island. The town’s historic beauty extends to the south, where an exquisite sandy beach stretches along the purest imaginable water.

Circeo Beach at Sabaudia
Here is an extra curiosity: About 40 km from Sperlonga lies Circeo Beach at Sabaudia, featuring memorable and breathtaking dunes. The legend says that Circeo promontory was once an island that was the dwelling place of the beautiful goddess-enchantress Circe, where Ulysess and his crew got stranded in the famous Odyssey epic. Looking at the promontory you can even see the profile of Circe, including her face with a delicate nose and fleshy lips. Did we get you curios enough to make a trip to there?

What do you think about our beach selection? Let us know in the comment below and if you need any travel tips, feel free to contact us!


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