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Our mission is to provide affordable, reliable and pleasant transfers to passengers by increasing the efficiency of carriers providing them (allowing them to choose) the transfers that best suit them.

The Connecto story

In the making for over a decade

The beginning
2008 The beginning

We started as a booking company for hotels and small apartments in Split, Croatia. With the first vehicles bought we tried to package the transfer service together with accommodation, also offered vehicle renting, moving services, everything we could think of to get it started as a small business with a great idea should. Well, it seems that offering a transfer service was our key move.

Pushing the boundaries
2012 Pushing the boundaries

During the first years of operating as a transfer service we noticed the trend and massive potential for more. We directed all our investments to new vehicles and development of our web and internal software solutions. In those years we were covering the entire Croatia with our fleet and respectable network of partner companies.

Expanding to new offices
2014 Expanding to new offices

Since Croatia is a seasonal country, we were left with breadcrumbs for the remaining part of the year and we decided that we surely could do more. Thats when we were struck with the idea of moving our entire fleet to Alps to keep the engines running for the entire year. We started with Austria, and soon followed with Switzerland and France. Our fleet and network of partners grew and grew; at that time we had over 30 vehicles and more than a 1000 partners throughout 6 countries.

Diversifying the Connecto fleet
2016 Diversifying the Connecto fleet

Our business model remained the same; we continued to grow and to expand to other markets. We partnered with Mercedes, and due to that move our service quality and value for money soared! Still continued to drive in our main markets, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and France, but our fleet grew to 130 vehicles and we finally could do what we strive for, and that is to provide safe, reliable and more affordable transfer service.

Broadening the horizons
2021 Broadening the horizons

During the Covid-19 lockdowns around the world, we had to think fast and hard, and luckily we did, we reorganised and used our business model to become a leading platform to provide safe, reliable and more affordable transfer services, but now with a network of more than 20 000 partners thoroughout 150 countries. Hard work does pay off!

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Our values

Connecto Value proposition

Connecto has solved the problem of arranging transportation directly with carriers which can lead to limited supply, overcharging of passengers, poor quality or unavailability of carriers.
Connecto pricing system updates prices in real-time offering customers best available prices at the market.
Estimated fare is agreed before the journey begins, solving multiple problems for the customers.
Having a large database of carriers and their rides, Connecto is able to provide perfect ride to each partner reducing their “empty” miles and waiting time for next ride.
Connecto for drivers
Connecto for drivers
Come on board and start receiving transfers with Connecto
Connecto for businesses
Connecto for businesses
Join us and expand your business by partnering with Connecto
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What they say about Connecto?

“As a team leader, I appreciate the hard work, professionalism and loyalty of each member.”

“I've been driving for many years, and I can say with confidence that our company has the best fleet of vehicles in the business.”

“What I love most about Connecto is the positive energy and enthusiasm everyone brings to work every day.”

“Connecto Transfers is more than just a transfer company. They are a trusted partner that helps us grow our business and improve our customer experience.”

“The partnerships we build are a reflection of our values, and I am proud to be a part of a team that does it continuously.”

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