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Building Trust: Why Choose Us as Your Partner?

Fleet and Transfer Management

We allow our partners to seamlessly manage their fleet and transfer all from one app. With Connecto, you can be sure of efficiency in fleet and transfer management.

Increasing Efficiency

We have optimized our processes to ensure that you get the best value for your time. Say goodbye to empty miles and say hello to a more optimized transfer allocation system. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on driving.

Admin and Driver App

Our app allows admins and drivers to communicate easily without any friction. Admins can also monitor and coordinate transfers and vehicles while drivers can accept and reject transfers in real time.

Benefits of Working With Us

Set Your Own Schedule

Pick transfers that fit your schedule and coordinate your vehicles to work at your pace. When you choose transfers that suit you, you will be able to increase your efficiency.

Make Money on Your Terms

Make money whenever you want by using the platform to accept and decline transfers based on the in-app rates. As a partner you are not mandated to accept the transfers we offer and this does not affect fees or rates.

Let the App Lead the Way

With our app, you would get updates on available transfers, keep track of the vehicles in your fleet, and manage your schedule. We have designed the App to help you make the best of your schedule.

How to start?

Step 1- Complete Sign Up Form

Set up your account by filling in all the relevant details. This process is easy and you can reach out to any of our agents if you encounter any problems while you are signing up. This step gives you access to our platform.

Step 2- Finish Onboarding and Accept Our Contract

Next, you will be onboarded onto the platform and shown all the details you need to know to set up your account. Once you have provided all the relevant details and accepted our terms of service, your profile will be activated.

Step 3- Start Receiving Transfers

You can start receiving transfers and monitoring your drivers once you are done signing up on the platform. We have a well integrated system that ensures you receive your transfers promptly and without delay. Also, our integrated dashboard is designed to help you to keep track of your transfers.

Tools That Drive Success

With our app, drivers have the freedom to choose their rides, boosting efficiency and reducing idle time.

Satisfied Customers Reviews

Laying The Foundation for Over 20,000 Companies

Luciano Magliulo

3 years with

Using Connecto's partner system has helped our company and our team achieve good growth in just few months. More transfers, more customers. Coordination is flawless. Efficient business partner service by phone 24h. Platform easy to use. Friendly business partner service.

Claudio Musto

2 years with

Extraordinary collaboration with Connecto that lasts for almost two years, with over 2000 active services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who and Where are We?

We are a Tech company in the mobility industry. We match passengers who fly by air with drivers who would drive them from the airport to their preferred destination and from their preferred pick up point to the airport. Our platform, Connecto, currently has a strong presence in Europe and we currently operate in Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy to name a few. We hope to expand our operations to other regions beyond Europe and we have started pursuing those avenues.

What are the Requirements for Joining?

To join Connecto, all you need to do is sign up to enjoy our service. We encourage skilled, Professional, and courteous drivers to use our service. Once your sign up is complete, you gain instant access to our full suite of tools available on the platform.

What Do We Offer?

We offer drivers a full set of well designed tools that improve the overall experience for them. With our app partners with a larger fleet can properly manage and control transfers and drivers. We also guarantee an increase in income as our app allows you to properly order and schedule rides based on your time and availability. We also have a strong agent and partner support to help you to maximize efficiency.

How To Start?

There's no special thing you need to do before you start. If you aren't already signed up, get onboard now! All you need to do is type in your email and click on the 'Get Started' button.

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