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Mlini is a small town located 8 km from Dubrovnik, in an area called Zupa dubrovacka. The area is known for its gorgeous beaches and rich Mediterranean vegetation. Mlini might be a small town (approx. 1000 inhabitants) but there are several hotels, a lot of restaurants and other types of accommodation. One look at the cost and it will leave you breathless.

Many small secluded beaches and bays are waiting to be discovered by you. But there are also opportunities for a more active vacation - diving, windsurfing, sailing, etc. There are several means of transportation to Mlini from Dubrovnik Airport - by bus, airport taxi, or booking a private transfer.

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Since Mlini is close to Dubrovnik, you would think it is easy to reach it by bus. First, you need to take a shuttle from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik then at the main station take bus line 16 or 16A. It departs to Mlini once in half an hour. The total trip duration will be approx. 45 minutes (waiting for the bus to arrive not included). The total price is approx. 12 EUR (7 EUR for a shuttle + 5 EUR for a local bus).

There is also a possibility of a shuttle to stop on its way to Mlini but first, you need to ask a driver if that is something that he can do. In conclusion, traveling to Mlini by this type of transportation is not the best option especially in high season when the area is packed with tourists.

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After you land and pick up your luggage, the next thing to do is to look for a taxi. There is a taxi stand in front of the arrival building. To avoid possible scams, look for an official Dubrovnik airport taxi with a sign on top of the car. Have in mind that Mlini is not far away, so your trip will be short, only approx. 15 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. The price will be approx. 17-20 EUR. Make sure a taximeter is on from the start until the finish.

Maybe the price will change if you arrive late at night. That's why, before you accept the ride, ask your driver about the price. He will also need to give you a receipt. This is also good to take in case you have any complaints. There will be the name of the taxi company written on the receipt so you know who to call and make a complaint.

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All of these types of transportation have their advantages and disadvantages. In our opinion, a private transfer has the perfect combination of both comfort and price. First of all, you book it online. It's easy and simple and takes you only a few minutes. In the booking process, you can choose a vehicle type - standard or luxurious. You can also select a child seat. This is something that most of the local taxis don't have. In the end, you choose a payment method - cash or credit card and all is set.

Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall. Don't worry if your flight gets delayed, we have a team of people monitoring your flight and your driver knows exactly when to pick you up. Our transfer service is 'Door-to-door' which means your driver will take you directly to your hotel and make sure you are ready to start your vacation.