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Dubrovnik Taxi

Dubrovnik is an incredible place to visit. This historic and fascinating Croatian city will make you fall in love at first sight. It might be a small town of 42,000 inhabitants, but it has been for years one of the top European destinations. Dubrovnik is probably most famous for its stone walls that surround the city, thought to be one of the best fortification systems of the Middle Ages.

Amazing beaches, Cable Car to the city peak, numerous towers, fine dining - so many 'What to do' options in Dubrovnik. In recent years Dubrovnik's popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the TV show Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik has become a filming location for King's Landing, a fictional city in the TV show. You can go on a Game of Thrones tour, and experience a déjà vu.

How to Find
a Taxi in Dubrovnik

As with every top European destination, there are numerous taxis in the streets. You can find a taxi by calling a local taxi company (phone numbers: 0800 1441, 0800 970) or go to the taxi stations. The stations are located in the main bus station, ferry terminal, west and east entrance to the Old own and at the airport. Also, have in mind that the Old town is a car-free zone so you can find a taxi at the Pile Gate (west entrance) or Ploce Gate (east entrance).

It's easy to recognize a taxi vehicle in Dubrovnik. They all have 'TAXI' signs on top of the car. Remember that hailing a taxi in the streets is not a custom in Croatia. You might try it but we would advise you to go to the main taxi stations. That way you'll avoid potential unwanted situations with different prices.

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Dubrovnik Taxi rates

The initial charge is 30 HRK (4 EUR) and for every additional kilometer, you will need to pay 9 HRK (1,3 EUR). But the price can change depending on late-night rides, holidays, and even additional luggage. To avoid misunderstanding, ask a driver for an estimated price. Also, to avoid possible scams, ensure that the taximeter is running or otherwise, you may get overcharged.

Here are some of the estimated prices for standard routes:

  • from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town - approx. 250 HRK (33 EUR)
  • from Pile gate to Lapad - approx. 80 HRK (10 EUR)
  • from Gruž to Pile gate - approx. 90 HRK (12 EUR)

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Private Transfers vs Taxi

As you can see there are situations when a taxi might not be the option for you. Instead, a private transfer is the go-to solution. You book it in advance, pay with a credit card if you wish, agree on a pick-up time and location. There is no searching for taxi stations, no hidden costs, and extra charges. The price is all-inclusive. Also, our driver will be happy to help you with your luggage, tell you some fun facts about Dubrovnik and make sure to take the shortest route.

You can also choose a vehicle - a standard one or more luxurious. This is the perfect transportation for larger groups of people and children. Local taxis don't have child seats while our vehicles are equipped with seats for children up to 12 years old. If you need a child seat, please order one when making a transfer booking. Your private and safe transfer awaits you.