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Faro Airport

When you exit the arrival terminal, follow the signs to the bus stop. It is very close to the terminal, right next to the taxi stand. Regardless of the final destination, you will always need to use bus line 16, operated by the Proximo bus company, to get to the Faro Central Terminal in the center of Faro. From there, you can take the Eva bus company, to all other destinations. If you are in Faro city and want to reach the airport, you can take a bus from the bus terminal station located at Avenida da República next to the marina and hotel EVA. Furthermore, you can also find a bus stop in the city. Regardless, you always need to take bus line number 16 - bound to Faro beach via Faro airport. Make sure to check the bus route on the maps, which are visible at every bus station.

There are no direct connections to the airport from other cities in the area. If you are located outside of Faro, you must always take a bus to Faro first. There, from the terminal bus station catch the bus line number 16 or ''pink lane'', bound to Praia de Faro (Faro Beach) via Faro airport. The distance between Faro airport and Faro city center is around 6 kilometers. It takes approximately 20 minutes under normal road and weather conditions and waiting times at each bus stop along the way. You can buy a ticket directly from the bus driver. From Faro airport to the city, there are 13 stops on the route - one is the city train station. From Faro city to the airport, the bus has 15 stops.

Shuttle routes & schedules

With Get on Service, operated by the company Eva transportes, you can reach Faro airport/ Faro city, 4 times a day. The service goes from Faro Airport to Albufeira, Portimão, and Lagos, with a stop in Faro as well.

Shuttle buses depart from Faro Airport at 10:15, 12:00 am, and 18:15h.

To Faro airport, the bus departs at 08:15, 11:15 am, and 15:00h.

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Shuttle Tickets

The ticket price is: Adult € 2.25, Children: € 1.50

The first bus starts at 05:20 and the last bus at 00:10h

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