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Lübeck is a charming 12th-century German town with fairytale looking architecture. This historic harbor town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will get to enjoy the enchanting Old City which is entirely built on an island, and the whole feel of the city is almost magical. This picturesque place has soaring churches, a beautiful harbor, cute houses, delicious food.

You will most definitely have a unique experience here. Your trip starts at Hamburg Airport and you are trying to figure out how to get to Lübeck from there? Continue reading to find out all about your trip options.


Your first option is rail travel. German rail is famous for being punctual and frequent, and the rail network is extensive. You will have to catch an S-Bahn from Hamburg Airport. You can use the elevator, escalator, or stairs from the Airport Plaza to get to the station. When you arrive at Hamburg Main Station, you will then need to catch the train to Lübeck. Departures are roughly every 30 minutes, and you get to pick a Regional Train (RE), InterCity (IC), or InterCity Express (ICE).

You are looking at paying between 14€ and 55€ for a single ride ticket. Expect to arrive in Lübeck in about an hour and a half.

For more information on the schedules and tickets at

Traveling by rail certainly has its advantages, like the cost and comfort, however, you are dependent on the timetables, with limited flexibility. Plus, you might find it inconvenient, as you have to make a connection, and it is not a door-to-door service.

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Taxi from Hamburg Airport is a convenient way to travel. Your ride is direct and straight to your destination. You will find taxi vehicles parked right outside the Airport Plaza of Hamburg Airport, at Level 0 (Ground level). Taxis are ivory in color, and they all have roof sign ˝taxi˝.

The driver will turn on the taximeter when you get in, however, you will not know your exact rate until you reach your destination. Prepare yourself for a hefty price, as German taxis are known for their high rates. Taxi prices are officially regulated, and they are the sum of a base rate, the rate per kilometer, and the time rate.

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Compared to other means of transport, private airport transfer gives you the best value for your money. You get excellent service at an affordable rate. You book your ride ahead of time. The online booking process is easy and quick, and you can see the rates, which are fixed, transparent, and all-inclusive. Now picture this: You have just landed at Hamburg Airport. After collecting your luggage, you walk out to the Arrivals area, and that’s where you see the driver holding a sign with your name on it. How convenient!

You are welcomed by the driver and taken straight to the car. The drive is direct, door-to-door, and comfortable. You have a pleasant journey on your way to Lübeck. In a nutshell, private transfers give you peace of mind when traveling. It is a stress-free and relaxed journey, which is custom-tailored according to your needs.

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