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Salzburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, rich in culture and architectural history. Famous for its beautiful buildings made in the Baroque style. Above all, the city of Mozart whose legacy lives in this city up to this day.

No wonder you have chosen Salzburg to be your dream vacation destination. The first stop is Munich Airport, and you need to decide which will be the best way to arrive in Salzburg. We researched for a few possible choices, scroll down and take a look.


Unfortunately, there is no direct train line from Munich Airport to Salzburg. First, you will have to use the S8 train line from the airport towards Ostbahnhof east train station. Trains depart from the airport every 10 minutes and they take around 31 minutes to reach the east station of Munich.

The prices are about 20€ per passenger. We assume that the price doesn't really matter, considering that you first need to get to the central station to go to Salzburg at all.

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Munich Airport is a huge traffic crossroad regarding the public transportation network. From there you can use a bus, a train, a taxi, or a private transfer. Some options are limited regarding the choice you made. Traveling by bus is a good idea if you decided to spend more money on accommodation or maybe for fun in the city when you arrive. On things like transport and food, you want to be more penny-wise. The bus from Munich Airport to Salzburg is scheduled every couple of minutes, the price for a single ticket is about 25€.

The ticket can be bought online or on the bus when you enter it. The bus has several extra stops on the way, so it might get a little crowded on the way to Salzburg with all the luggage and the lack of space. The approximate duration of the journey is 2 hours and 15 minutes. We agree with the lower price and everything, but less comfort and leg space for that long journey? Think about it and check other details on the links below:

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Scrolling down on various taxi websites in Munich, we have to admit it is very tricky to find a taxi rate.

There are 3 larger taxi companies in Munich:

They all work with e-mail inquiries and phone calls. They don't have an option to book online with a few clicks. Other taxi options provide you with a group price, if you are traveling by yourself it would be a little too expensive for one passenger. But if you need a ride without any further details, the taxi from Munich Airport to Salzburg is waiting for you.

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We are talking here about a quite long ride, about 184 kilometers and 2 hours. You don't want to spend that time shrunken in your seat, with your luggage on the knees and wondering when will you arrive in Salzburg. We offer you a nice comfortable ride in high-class vehicles, more than enough space for you where you don't even see your luggage because your personal chauffeur takes care of it.

We provide you with online booking while you can change transfer details even minutes before your scheduled ride. Free Wi-Fi, unchangeable price, friendly approach from our customer service. We can promise to become your 1st transfer choice on every vacation.