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Rome Taxi

You have booked a trip to Rome - one of the most iconic and most traveled cities in the world? You must be eager to visit all the magnificent places of the eternal city: The Colosseum, the Vatican, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps. You can’t wait to try the gelato and pasta.

In a city so magnificent and unique, there is so much to see and do. But how do you get around Rome? Find out how to get a taxi, what the cost is, and how not to get scammed.

How to Find
a Taxi in Rome

Taxis in Rome are white, with a roof sign and a meter visible at the front of the car. You will see the symbol of the City Council on the front doors. You want to make sure to get into a licensed vehicle, or otherwise, you might get scammed and overcharged.

At stands
You can find them around the city, close to all major tourist spots. Some of the main stands are Piazza S.Silvestro (Fontana di Trevi), Piazza Risorgimento (Vatican), Piazza Dei Cinquecento (Termini Station). You’ll see the vehicles lined up. Just take the first cab in line. If there are no cars, wait for a bit, they are probably on their way back from their ride.

Calling a phone number
You can also reserve a car by telephone. There is an additional charge when you call a cab. (3,50€). Some of the numbers you can call are below:

  • Radio Taxi: 06-3570
  • Pronto Taxi: 06-6645
  • Other numbers: 06-0609, 06-5551, 06-4994, 06-4157

Hail a cab in the street
This is the least preferred option, as it is highly unlikely to find an empty and available car driving around.

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Rome Taxi rates

The amount you have to pay will depend on the day and time you need the ride plus the distance. Starting rates are 3€ for daytime weekdays, 4,5€ for daytime weekends, and 6,5€ after 22:00h. The rate of about 1,30€ per kilometer will be added to the base fare.

NOTE: Baggage allowance is 1 suitcase per person. Extra luggage is charged at 1€.

ADVICE: You do not have to tip the driver; however, you can round up the bill to the closest Euro if you wish.

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Private Transfers vs Taxi

Taxis are convenient, but in Rome, they don’t have a good reputation. Many people get overcharged. To avoid being scammed, why not book a private transfer?! It is a favorable means of transportation, and the rates are fixed and all-inclusive. The rates are also more affordable than local taxis, and you get a lot of benefits.

The driver meets you at your preferred address and takes you straight to your destination. Quick, smooth, comfortable. Door-to-door service with 24/7 customer support at your disposal. Take your trip to Rome to the next level with private transfers.