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Albufeira is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the south of Portugal. Once a fishing town, it has become a favorite holiday resort and place to spend time in. In addition to the beaches and nightlife, there is much more to enjoy in Albufeira. You can explore the Archaeological Museum on the main town square and find out a bit more about the collection of Stone Ages, Roman, Visigothic, and Moorish objects. In Rua Pedro Joaquim Samoa, you can also see the remains of the former castle.

The ramparts fell apart after the earthquake of 1755, leaving only the North Gate and the corner wall. What attracts tourists the most are the wide sandy beaches. There are even 25 of them! In many cafes and restaurants, you can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer and cocktails at sunset. Although a tourist center, Albufeira, unfortunately, has limited public transport. If you plan to go anywhere other than Faro from Faro airport, read further to check your options.


With Comboios de Portugal you can reach Albufeira directly from Faro city. Train t takes 32 min approx., and departs hourly. The first train starts at 07:00h and the last one at 20:50h. The ticket price depends on the train you take: for the Regional train, you will pay for the ticket 3.40€ while it is a bit more for the Intercity train, 11.05€.

IMPORTANT: The prices are available five or more days in advance and are subject to the number of seats available during the purchase process. Tickets for special offers can be reissued, but cannot be refunded.


From Faro airport to Faro center, you can take the Proximo bus, line 16. This bus line departs every 30-50 minutes, and the transfer duration is 20 minutes. One-way tickets cost 2.25€. Once you reach Faro bus station, you need to change the bus. There are two ways of getting to Albufeira by bus:

An express bus will take 55 minutes. Although the price is appealing, only 5.50€ per person, the drawback are very few departures - only seven a day.

Interurban bus will take 90 minutes. It has around nine departures daily, with a ticket price of 4.05€.

When departing from Faro bus station, tickets must be bought at the ticket office and not from the driver. What is very inconvenient for most travelers is the bus timetable. The last bus from Faro to Albufeira departs at 19:40h, meaning if your flight lands after 19 hours, you will either need to take a taxi or spend a night in Faro to catch the morning bus. Of course, this option adds more unplanned costs.

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It is easy to find a taxi once you land at Faro airport. Taxi prices to and from Faro Airport are determined according to established tariffs that are valid throughout Portugal.

Regardless of the distance traveled, there is always a minimum starting price. There are some extra charges, like if you travel with pets - surcharge is 1.60€, the same as for the luggage.

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When you’re on vacation, you certainly don’t want to bother with public transportation schedules. All you need is a reliable, fast, and secure taxi transfer to your destination. Although a major tourist center, Albufeira, unfortunately, does not have good transport connections to the airport. Most tourists come in the summer when the crowds and heat are great, so it is certainly not pleasant to wait for buses and trains.

With our professional chauffeur, you will be at your destination in no time, with no additional waiting and stopping, unless you request so. The transportation will be more enjoyable as you travel in new vehicles with free Wi-Fi available. You can always reach us, and we will do our best to make your vacation start flawlessly. Albufeira is waiting for you, so are we, are you coming?

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