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You probably cannot wait to finally arrive in Sölden - a beautiful little village in the heart of western Austria. A ski lover's paradise! You have purchased your plane tickets, book your accommodation, and now is the time to figure out how to reach Sölden from Innsbruck airport. Innsbruck airport is only about 84 kilometers (52 miles) away, and there are two ways you can get to Sölden: taxi or train.

A taxi ride will take about an hour, while a train ride will take about 2 hours or more. However, to travel economically, you will want to forego a train. A single adult ticket is about 13,00€, compared to a taxi trip which would cost approximately 170,00€, in a standard vehicle. Below, we will give you the most important information about both travel options.


The journey is among the most comfortable ones. You also get the unforgettable experience through the magnificent Alps mountain region. And then there is the budget-friendly price.

These are all some great advantages which are hard to resist, however, the itinerary is not as simple. You would need to change three to four means of transportation to get from Innsbruck airport to your accommodation. This might be a huge inconvenience, as you probably want to travel as quickly as possible to your destination.

As Innsbruck airport does not have a train station, you would first need to figure out a way to get to Innsbruck main station.

You can either grab a taxi or a bus route F to get to Innsbruck Train Station (‘Hauptbahnhof’). The bus costs about 2,00€ and runs about 4 times an hour. A local taxi will be about 14,00€.

When you reach the Main Station, you will catch a train going to Ötztal Train station, which is the closest station to Sölden. The ride is about 30 minutes, with departures once an hour during the day. There are no night trains on this route. The schedule is also different on weekends and holidays.

You will then get off at Ötztal station. From there you can either take a bus number 4194/835L or NL (nightline). The bus ride is about 60 minutes. Buses operate roughly once an hour during the day.

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Taxi is one of the favorable means of transportation. You need not worry about the timetable or changing the vehicles, as you might be if you were traveling by other public transportation means. There is also a great advantage of having a ride to your accommodation in Sölden. So, where do you find a taxi at Innsbruck airport? You can easily spot a taxi right outside the Innsbruck Airport building. Pack your bags, get in the taxi, and go! Off to your adventure.

Taxi prices are regulated in Austria. The calculation for your taxi ride from Innsbruck airport will be based on the following: base fare plus a rate per kilometer. Your total amount will be displayed on the taximeter at the end of the journey. You should also add on the driver’s tip on top of that amount.

The approximate taxi fare for a standard vehicle is 170,00€. The rate for larger sized taxi vehicles would be higher. For groups of passengers, it might probably be better to prebook an airport transfer instead of taking a local taxi. With a pre-booked transfer, you choose your vehicle size. You need not worry about the amount of luggage or the equipment you are taking with you. It will also fit and your party will travel at the same time. No splitting up. You will also know the exact transfer rate at the time of booking.

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