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Zadar Taxi

Zadar is like an open-air museum. There are so many beautiful attractions you can see while visiting this charming town. The town's history goes back 3000 years. Visit the main attraction - Forum – built during the Roman Empire or admire the City Walls – listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Take a stroll along the Riva and listen to the Sea Organ that produces tunes using only the power of sea waves. We will not reveal all. You should discover it all by yourself first. We guess you will need some help getting from one attraction to another. One of the options is taking a taxi.

Cómo encontrar un taxi en Zadar

You may encounter a few different taxi services in Zadar. From local taxis to app taxi services like Uber and Smartlift. They are all usually located at Zadar Airport, near the bus stop on the Liburnian coast in the harbor, at Zadar bus station, and near the bridge on Branimirova obala.

A few useful tips:

  • Not all drivers are fluent in English, so it will be a good idea to write down the address of your destination.
  • Ask your driver about the payment method and make sure you get the receipt at the end of the ride. This will be helpful if you accidentally leave something behind.

Tarifas de los taxis en Zadar

Some charge for a start 5 HRK (0.70 EUR) and each kilometer is an additional 5 HRK (0.70 EUR). We need to mention that some have a fixed rate of 40 HRK (5 EUR) for the first 5 kilometers and every other kilometer is charged 10 HRK (1.50 EUR).

Taxis usually have a taximeter in the vehicle. Make sure you keep one eye on it. It is wise to agree on the rate before accepting the ride and ask if they charge additionally for luggage, night ride, and weekends.

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Traslados privados vs. Taxi

Taxi service is very convenient, but the private transfer is an even better solution. The main reason why private transfer is always a better solution is – fixed rate. When you book a transfer, the price you pay is the final one. There are no hidden costs. For any special requests, you can send us an e-mail or even give us a call.

Our Customer Service works 24/7. One other great advantage of booking a private transfer is - you can choose your vehicle - standard or luxury. Also, we've got cars for all group sizes. In a local taxi service, for larger groups, you need extra vehicles.

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