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Holiday Cheer @ Connecto Transfers

Objavio/la Ivan F.

The holiday season is an excellent time to think back on past achievements and let ourselves be reminded of the important things in life. Thousands of our transfer clients can testify (and do testify, read their reviews by all means) that Connecto is a well-organized, efficient company with high quality standards. The world never stops turning, and neither do our wheels! The holidays are thus an opportunity for us to unwind and count our blessings. We are delighted to have been your transfer service provider in all of 2018! Today’s office party capped a great period of growth for us, and this blog post is a backstage pass: an introduction of sorts to all the busy people behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly for our clients.


Holiday Preparations

Happy holidays from Connecto Transfers Accounting, IT and Marketing (in alphabetic order)

From December 6 to the 24th, we had a workplace decorating contest. Some people took this very seriously indeed, with a number of desks featuring Christmas lights, nativity scenes (with the odd polar bear thrown in for good measure) and elf-appropriate attire. It should come as no surprise that Nikky won the competition, as she heads our Design team. Not everyone took part in the other contest, the homemade cookie bake-off, with its strict rules prohibiting any participation by team members’ moms. Dina, one of our accounting whizzes, finished on top. Both winners faced tough competition and their prizes are well-deserved. In addition to all this, a great deal of thought and planning went into our annual Secret Santa tradition.


Christmas Eve Party

Happy holidays from Connecto Transfers Sales and Support! (in alphabetic order)

On Monday, December 24, things came to a head. Our party ‘officially’ kicked off at noon amid much speculation regarding Secret Santa gifts. The unwrapping started after an informal banquet. Many gifts were extremely witty, with Secret Santas finding a way to comment on team members’ personalities as well as their work. It was all for laughs, though, in good taste.


Farewell to 2018

Happy holidays from the Connecto Transfers Dispatchers!

Having fun is certainly one of the important things in life! Perhaps not the single most important, though. This year we decided to enrich our holiday program by collecting money for a local children’s charity. Educational toys were duly bought and delivered, our small contribution to the hope that 2019 will be even better than this past year has been.

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