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Faro Táxi

There are many reasons why you should take the time to visit and explore this picturesque coastal town with a fascinating cultural history and a well-preserved old town.

Affordable accommodation, delicious local specialties, and exciting nightlife will surely keep you entertained.

How to Find a Taxi in Faro

In Faro, as well as across Portugal, taxis are easily recognizable by the combination of black and green - the lower part of the vehicle is black and the roof is green. Also, most taxis that run at Faro Airport are Mercedes vehicles. Some taxis can also use ivory beige.

These two-color options are only used for taxis, and under Portuguese law, no private vehicle can use them. All taxis are equipped with a roof sign describing the service and the corresponding tariff/price applicable for transport.

Faro Taxi rates

Taxi prices are determined according to established tariffs that apply throughout Portugal. A minimum initial fare to pay, regardless of the distance traveled, is 3,25€.

For taxi routes that require a toll payment, the customer always pays the costs at the end of the trip. If you are traveling with pets, a surcharge of 1.60€, the same as for the luggage, will be applied.

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Chegar ao seu destino
O seu motorista o leva até o local escolhido, marcando o início da sua jornada.

Private Transfers vs Taxi

We always provide Meet & greet service to our customers. This means that our polite driver will meet you on arrival at the airport and help you with your luggage. The wide fleet of vehicles you can choose from can accommodate any group of passengers and luggage needs.

It is private and direct transport from your chosen star to your final destination. Child seats for all ages are available on request. Wi-Fi is free and included in the price. We're ready to amaze you, what about you?

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