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Magny le Hongre is a charming village close to Paris and only about 4km (2,5 mi) from Disneyland Paris. It has a rich heritage, pretty lakes, and pleasant green countryside.

Your French vacation is likely to begin at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport. To reach Magny le Hongre you can choose rail, bus, taxi or private transfer.


Train travel might be appealing for its affordable prices, but the connection from CDG to Magny le Hongre is not that great. You can either take the TGV speed train or the light suburban rail RER. The first one is faster; however, it is not so frequent, so this is the major downside.

If you decide to take the RER train, you would have to travel via the city, so your trip would be prolonged to almost 2 hours. Finally, you might need to take a local bus. Total trip cost is ranging between 10,00 EUR and 50,00 EUR, depending on which choice you pick. For more information on timetables and route maps, visit


If you prefer a direct trip, check out The Magic Shuttle bus. It leaves daily from terminal 2F. You will recognize the shuttle by the bright red color. The ride takes about 1 hour, and you will pay approx. 23,00 EUR for a one-way adult ticket. Prepare 10,00 EUR for a child fare.

A bus is a better choice than the train since you don’t have to change buses. The downside of the bus transfer is the number of stops along the way, so you get the feeling that the ride lasts forever.

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If you want to travel conveniently and quickly, you could choose a taxi. Taxi is fast, but also the most expensive one. You will find taxi ranks at all Terminals of CDG. Just follow the “taxi” signs to find them. You will recognize the vehicles by the roof sign “taxi”.

Check the rate before entering the vehicle.

NOTE: Keep in mind that taxis usually have a special surcharge for a night ride or extra luggage.

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Transfers para o Aeroporto

How exciting it is to plan a trip to a foreign country! However, sometimes people forget that once you land you still need to figure out how to reach your final destination. The great thing about private transfers is that you can book them in advance. You won’t have to waste your time looking for a ride once you land. Your whole journey will be carefree. As soon as you book your flight tickets, you can go ahead and book your private transfer.

What a great idea it is to have a driver greet you at the airport! You can even choose a preferred vehicle type – standard, luxury, or a minibus. In case your French is not that good – don't worry – the driver already knows where to take you. Door-to-door service and fixed-rate are some of the best qualities that private transfer has to offer. Remember – there are no hidden costs. You pay the rate indicated in the confirmation. Book your reliable transfer with Connecto Transfers and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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