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Salzburg Táxi

The city of Salzburg, Austria, is also known as 'Stage of the world', after being the setting of the movie 'The Sound of Music'. The birthplace of Mozart is certainly one of the favorite tourist spots.

Getting around Salzburg is not too complicated as the city is not too big. You can walk to many points of interest, or you can use public transportation. For most convenience, a taxi is a recommended means of transportation.

How to Find a Taxi in Salzburg

There are several ways:

  • call the phone number
  • find one at a taxi stand
  • hail one in the street (certain conditions apply)

One of the well-known companies can be reached at the following phone numbers:
8111 or +4366 28111

If you happen to be doing sightseeing on foot, you might have already come across one of Salzburg's 50 taxi stands. They are spread out throughout the city, close to major tourist spots and places of interest. Choose the first cab in line. You can also find stands in front of the Salzburg Airport building and the train station. Hailing a taxi will not be an easy task, as they are not permitted to stop at certain places (like bus stops, in front of shops, etc).

Salzburg Taxi rates

Taxi rates are regulated and your total fare will be calculated based on the following guidelines:

  • basic rate – working days 6:00h – 21:00h – 3,50€
  • basic rate – night, Sunday or holidays – 4,50€
  • rate per kilometer – approximately 1,50€ - 2,15€
  • rate per standing /waiting time per hour – approximately 25.60€

As you can see, it will not be clear how much your exact rate is until your taximeter displays your total fare at the end of your journey.

Veja como estmos a melhorar a sua forma de viajar

A ligar o mundo há mais de uma década

Viaje simplesmente

Reserve uma viagem
Receba confirmação imediata. Ajuste seus planos sem preocupações.
Conheça o seu motorista
Após a sua chegada, você será recebido e acompanhado até o seu veículo. Fique tranquilo, o motorista monitorará o seu voo, garantindo uma recolha rápida mesmo em caso de atrasos.
Alcance seu destino
O seu motorista o leva até o local escolhido, marcando o início da sua jornada.

Private Transfers vs Taxi

Traveling by taxi in Salzburg is pretty safe and reliable. Your cab will be marked, the taximeter will be running and your driver has to take the shortest route. However, compared to other means of transportation, they are the priciest and your rate is not fixed. You can also run into problems if you are trying to get a taxi from the city center, as they are not allowed to stop everywhere in the city. To get the same level of trust and safety, with the convenience of the door-to-door ride, book your private transfer.

A private transfer is available 24/7 at a fixed rate, your pickup point in Salzburg city is prearranged, and there is no waiting time. Your driver is a professional who speaks English fluently. For more than 10 years, we have been operating in Austria. Our well-established network of partners as well as support logistics team is a key factor in organizing transfers on time and with maximum dedication to our guests.

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